Dragon City Cheats - Get more currencies

Dragon City Cheats - Get more currencies

Dragon city is among most of the games that are available on the Facebook social platform to play. But now since 2013 and 2014, it is also available on the app stores. As the name suggests, it is self that the entire gameplay of Dragon City revolves around dragons. Here in the game not only you are required to breed the dragon what your responsibility is also to take care of them feed them and develop them so that they can win you good rewards in the battles. Apart from that, the responsibility of building the entire dragon city is also on your shoulders.
Now similar to any other game on the play stores it also has some credits that are essential for every player to collect meanwhile playing the game. However, there is someone out there who is not good at managing the currencies then there is an alternative of using the Dragon City hack to have good hands-on the credits of the game. 


There are many dragons that you can acquire in Dragon City. Some are the standard ones and some Exclusive ones. The primary difference is that the standard ones can be bred, but the Exclusive ones are not breedable at all. However, some particular exclusive dragons have been launched as well that can be used for breeding.


There are two main credits in the game named gems and gold. The gold is however collectible to the matches, but gems come under the premium currency of the game. Thus, the gems can be only purchased by spending real money. However, if this is not an option for you, then you should better opt for Dragon City cheats to get a good number of gems to play with.

That's all for the stuff that makes the game even interesting for all the players out there. Now breed your dragons and raise them until they become the strongest one out of all.